Spring 1994 me with my new Cuda. Buying this Cuda changed my life. Search my website and you will see the path I have traveled since this picture was taken

This is a picture of the 1974 Barracuda that I bought in the winter of 1997. It was a heap of rust but the gem was under the hood.

Cold , wet, and busy taking apart the 74 Barracuda.

This is what was taken out of the blue Barracuda, A 340 small block engine, date coded for my car.

This is a picture of my new engine just after getting it back from cleaning.

Here you see the small block being put together. Only a short time now it willl be blue and sitting in my Cuda.


What you are looking at is a engine bay that is in need of some love. Everything will have to be taken out and replaced.

Now that the engine is out I can now send it to my brother who will do the repairs that are needed and a fresh coat of lime green.

Here it is, a freshly rebuilt 340. Also the transmission was taken apart and rebuilt by John.

In this picture you see John at the left and Marco at the right helping guide the engine into the Cuda.

The Cuda is now back from the paint shop and I am installing all the new and clean items before the engine can be slipped in.

Now this is what I am talking about. Clean, detailed and ready to show. Take a look at the before picture and then look at this one again. It is amazing what a little love and money can do.

My Cuda at the Red Barn show in 1999

The Cuda at the Selfridge Airforce Base in Michigan.


Another picture taken at SAFB. This is the only time i was able to refuel the Cuda by a KC-135 stratotanker


This a picture of the rearend being rebuilt in 1999.

Working hard, I think?

This 1970 is a first day production Gran Coupe Barracuda, NO. 71


The Cuda sat here for seven years until my dad said, Move it NOW!. I had plans but not all of them work out. Sold it in Sept. 2005. I still miss it, to bad, it would have been a great looking Cuda.