Photos taken by Andrew Verhoeckx before the start of restoration 2005


The Avro Lancaster was a four-engineWorld War II bomber aircraft made initially by Avro for the British Royal Air Force (RAF). First used in 1942, together with the Handley-Page Halifax. It was the main heavy bomber of the RAF, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and squadrons from other Commonwealth and European countries serving with RAF Bomber Commmand

The B.X was a Canadian-built B.III, differing in having Canadian/US made instrumentation and electronics. Also on later batches, the Martin 250CE was substituted for the Frazer Nash FN.50 mid upper turret. The greater weight of this turret necessitated moving the turret forward for balance reasons. Canada was a long term user of the Lancaster, utilising modified aircraft in Maritime Patrol, Search and Rescue and Photo Reconnaisance roles until 1963.


Mk.10P FM212 was withdrawn from RCAF service in 1962 and placed in storage. The city of Windsor, Ontario purchased the aircraft for a memorial; it was mounted on a pedestal in Jackson park in 1965. Unfortunately, weather and poor maintenance had taken their toll on the aircraft and it was removed on May 26, 2005.